Hi! I’m Jessica Catalano. I create healthy delicious cannabis infused recipes, teach the in’s and outs’s of creating medical cannabis edibles at home, and believe that every single one of us has the right to heal our bodies the way nature intended us to.

My goal is to help you create a better quality of life with plant medicine. Cannabis when balanced with whole foods and a healthy lifestyle can help promote a longer and more fulfilling life. In fact, I’ve dedicated my whole entire career to helping people heal with cannabis.

It’s all about your body and your choice.

This entire website is devoted to showing you the best information, simple tips, easy tricks, and effective hacks for at home cannabis edibles. I want you to feel better, become healthier, and consume nutritious food more consciously—all by incorporating cannabis into your life. More importantly, I want you to love the body you are within.

Recipes You Can Expect To Find Here

I have always been about teaching the food history, strain lineage, medicinal properties of strains, and flavor profiles of food and cannabis together. That will never change! However, the recipes that have been developed in the past are generally traditionally based in ingredients (with some offshoots into veganism, vegetarianism, and gluten-free lifestyles).

While these traditional dishes were all delicious and test kitchen approved, there has been an increasing need for alternative food lifestyle recipes. Therefore, my recipes have transitioned from traditional ingredients to more health conscious substitutions while still maintaing strain and culturally significant recipes. All previous recipes will still be in the archives, in case you feel the need to have a cheat day.

But let’s be clear, traditional is never a bad thing, in moderation!

New recipes will be rolling out weekly on my website every Wednesday. Recipes take a focus on healing autoimmune diseases, chronic diseases, and other health issues through infused food.

In January 2019, I started my journey with a Plant-Based, Raw Food (75% raw), and Gluten-Free diet. After years of trying almost every diet under the sun, I found the healing properties of leading a Plant-Based Gluten-Free lifestyle was quite dramatic. Therefore, I chose to commit to the lifestyle long-term. By June 2019, I made the choice to go Vegan.

So how much do you need to eat raw to be considered a raw foodist?

75%-100%. So ultimately, it is up to you. Most raw foodists say that food should be “cooked” between 104° to 118°. Once it hits 119°, the enzymes start to degrade. This wiggle room allows you to still “cook” and enjoy foods that are special to you. I adhere to a 75% raw food diet, where the other 25% is cooked plant-based gluten-free foods above 118°.

Raw not your thing? Don’t worry, I got you covered!

Recipes you will also be able to find here: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Flexitarian, Pescatarian, Low-Carb, Strain Specific Kava, and Traditional. But mostly Plant-Based and Gluten-Free <3

Going Zero Waste

After going Vegan, I went down the rabbit hole, hardcore. I realized my efforts to be green since I was a little child was a poor attempt at most. I was trapped in the consumerist and disposable web that our culture has propagated. Therefore, my family and I decided to commit to going Zero Waste.

What Is Zero Waste?

This term was originated for waste management within factories in 2001. Overtime, this term was adopted as a lifestyle within the environmentalist movement. In short, zero waste aims to: send nothing to the landfill, reduce our over consumption of products, recycle plastics/metal/glass/cardboard, donate or giveaway clothing and other items we no longer need, compost, be self-sufficient, and reuse things as much as possible.

Zero Waste DIY

As I walk on the path of zero waste, I will be posting zero waste: DIY recipes, CBD and terpene recipes, tips, and hacks. I want to show you how easy it is to walk a greener path while also putting your hard earned money in the bank instead of the pockets of big time greedy corporations. Going zero waste is not expensive or overly complicated, it is quite the opposite! You will be amazed what a huge environmental impact you, as one person, will make. And every little change you make not only affects our environment positively but also inspires others to do the same <3

Going Hemptarian

When I say I went down the rabbit hole hardcore – I mean looking, tripping, and falling into a mind bending journey that changed who I was.

One rainy PNW Summer morning while eating a fresh salad that I pulled from the garden – my consciousness was lulled deeper into that bunny hole. I had plucked the remaining spinach leaves off a plant and pulled the remaining leafless stem from the earth. I fixed a rther fancy Buddha bowl and began munching on the delicous mix of greens and vegetables.

My mind wandered while watching the rain fall onto the gigantic rhododendron’s that outline our property. In that moment, I realized how hypocritical it was to not kill animals but kill plants. 

From that moment, I slowly worked on reducing both animal AND plant death in my life. Botanical fruits became a staple in my diet and the Hemptarian lifestyle was born.

What is a Hemptarian?

Hemptarianism aims at creating a compassionate and peaceful way of eating. It is an adapted version of the high carbohydrate, high fiber, and low fat Vegan Fuitarian diet, where culinary fruits are consumed. This diet instead centers around the consumption of all botanical fruits in the plant kingdom – with a focus on hemp (a dry fruit!). CBD is particularly important as it has a critical role in keeping the endocannabinoid system in our body at optimal levels.

Compassion is a huge driving force for this diet, that extends not only to animals but also to plants. All fruit on this diet can either be collected peacefully from the plant or can be harvested at the end of it’s lifecycle. And it must be said, that compassion should be practiced daily, towards all living things. However, this is not a pureist lifestyle and should not be treated as such. It is about minimizing animal and plant death as much as possible but within reason and practically.

This diet incorporates botanical fruits beyond sweet “culinary fruits” by including: nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and grains. It also adds in greens, herbs, and spices that can be collected without ending a plant’s life. A full day of food will be comprised of 75% raw and 25% cooked meals. 

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution

I pioneered strain specific cannabis cuisine, the first chef in the world to publicly do so, by infusing terpenes into cooking and baking via strain specific recipes to elevate the taste in cannabis edibles. In 2009, I began experimenting with Strain Specific Cooking and Baking then launched a blog in June 2010 to share my recipes with medical marijuana patients.

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution blog was born and quickly became such a success that in September 2010 I was approached by Green Candy Press. TGKR went into production and on November 2012 it hit the market as the first Strain Specific Gourmet Cannabis Cookbook. It has quickly become the authority on strain specific cannabis pairings and a must have in any aspiring cannabis chefs cookbook collection.

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine

Learn from the pioneer of Strain Specific Cannabis Cuisine for flavor and master the art of cooking with cannabis. Pairing specific cannabis strains with specific dishes that enhance the flavor profiles of the ingredients for an immensely enjoyable sensory experience on the palate; The Ganja Kitchen Revolution will change the way you cook with cannabis forever.

With 11 different extraction methods and recipes for every meal of the day, this is the only marijuana cookbook to harness the flavor and effects of individual cannabis strains to make your medibles even better.

By selecting specific cannabis strains based on their aroma and taste (from terpenes and flavonoids) then pairing it with the flavor profiles of the ingredients in dishes, strain specific cannabis cuisine is born. This groundbreaking terpene pairing cuisine treats each individual strain as a culinary herb by harnessing the unique flavor and fragrance profiles.

An easy-to-use dietary lifestyle chart and a revolutionary new dosage system means that whatever your diet or health condition, this book will help you to create cannabis-infused meals and drinks that are tailor-made for your medical and recreational needs.

With dishes and drinks from all over the world, beautiful full-color photos and step-by-step shots, professional culinary and medical marijuana advocate Jessica Catalano makes it easy for you to create your own top-class cannabis cuisine.

Over 70 creative recipes for wholesome marijuana meals. Covers everything a Marijuana Chef needs to Know:

  • Extraction methods to get more THC out of your marijuana and into your food
  • How to match specific types of cannabis with meals to enhance flavor and effects
  • Regulating dosage to control the potency and medicinal benefits of your dishes
  • How to medicate responsibly with edibles and cannabis-infused drinks
  • Healthy marijuana meals for patients, recreational users and budding canna-chefs.
I hope you love what you find here!

My recipes and book are my gift to you. I hope that they bring you good health, happiness, and a return to nature. Happy cooking and baking!

Please read our legal disclaimer for the terms and conditions of this website.

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