Zero Waste Celery

Did you know that you can regrow celery from the base of the stalks? Apparently you can, which had me wondering what I have been doing all my life when it came to celery.

Usually I would save the bottoms for soup stocks or throw them out if looked even slightly suspicious. This went on for YEARS. I knew you could regrow this plant but it was not an idea that I entertained at all. Who had time for that right?

Well, I was sorely mistaken. As this zero waste method is a fuss free gem you cannot pass up. And it takes little effort on your part to get it going with household items you already have. And who doesn’t want free celery?

How To Regrow Celery

Step 1: Cut the celery about 3-4 inches from the base.

Step 2: Grab a mason jar or any glass jar or cup and add tap water. Gently insert the celery base into the water baking sure that only about an inch is submerged.

Step 3: Put the jar on a windowsill with full light and leave it alone for 1 week. After about 5-6 days you will notice small green shoots coming out the middle of the celery stalk.

Step 4: Change the water and put the jar back in the window. Let the celery grow another week until more sprouts pop out.

Step 5: Transfer to a potter of your choice, anything will do. Just be sure to have drainage holes on the bottom. Transfer your celery to a pot and cover the bottom stub with soil. Leave the new grow to poke out of the soil. You can use potting soil or soil from your garden.

Step 6: Place back in your window and watch your celery grow! Water once a week or as needed. As the celery grows, you can cut off a stalk and cook with it as needed. Happy growing!

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