Free-Range Meat Fed Eggs

MJ’s Chookie Farm in Port Orchard, Washington, allows their entire flock to free-range, meaning they often snack on small animals, insects, and plants. Additionally, they are provided with a meat-based diet using locally sourced and processed meat. Contrary to the common belief that chickens are vegetarians, they are actually omnivores with a preference for meat over vegetables. This was confirmed through my own experiment where I presented them with a large piece of meat alongside mixed vegetables. The chickens consistently ignored the vegetables and competed for the meat. Even when given the choice between meat, kefir, and mixed vegetables, they attempted to grab both the meat and kefir simultaneously, showing a clear preference for animal products over vegetables.

Our chickens receive a daily diet that includes cheese, raw kefir, a fruit and vegetable salad from our garden, along with kitchen scraps and leftover meals. The fruits and vegetables are seasonal, rotating with the fall, winter, spring, and summer harvests. During winter’s coldest days, they are given organic cracked corn, which generates body heat and helps them stay warm. Additionally, I ferment oatmeal with kefir overnight to reduce anti-nutrients in the oats during the colder months. Organic, soy-free chicken feed and oyster/eggshell are constantly available as supplements. They also enjoy a large bowl of mash every day, made from a secret recipe that is fermented over three days.

MJ’s Chookie Farm offers eggs for wholesale, direct to customers, and retail. We also provide free delivery to local and retail customers. For more details, wholesale, or retail inquiries, please reach out to Jessica through email. Presently, eggs are priced at $6 per dozen for locals, including free delivery.