MJ’s Chookie Farm

In 2018, I initiated a micro-farm for my daughter, Mary Jane, and restored the native plants that were struggling to survive due to the previous owners’ neglect. Initially, I cared for the existing fruit, deciduous, and evergreen trees that formed a natural green barrier around our property. We tidied up the land and gathered a cord of firewood. My husband constructed raised beds, enabling me to cultivate berries, herbs, onions, garlic, tubers, and plants that attract pollinators, all of which are perennials and would reemerge annually. My goal was to grow food that would require minimal upkeep for both us and the bees. He also crafted German-style compost bins, allowing me to produce our own soil.

Annually, I’ve expanded my collection of perennial foods and flowers, enjoying the rewards of creating my own soil. Alongside the perennials, planting seasonal root vegetables has been a delight. Rather than striving for a perfectly manicured lawn at odds with nature, I embraced it, cultivating a habitat that swiftly evolved into a sanctuary for wildlife. This marked the start of a regenerative farming journey that blossomed magnificently.

We purchased baby chicks late in the season and promptly constructed a chicken coop and run. Initially, we distributed our eggs to our church community, friends, and neighbors. However, we soon discovered that our hens were producing something extraordinary. The phrase “Best eggs EVER” was consistently echoed by everyone who tried our eggs. Although it appeared orchestrated, the praise continued from new individuals. With advice from the local poultry expert Charlie, of Charlie’s Chicks in Port Orchard, Washington, I legally established MJ’s Chookie Farm.

As our flock expanded, so too did our customer base and the crops I cultivated for the chickens. Our farm evolved into a fully-fledged regenerative operation, contributing positively to the land and our clients. Providing high-quality, nutrient-rich eggs that had people returning for more was an incredible experience. We are indeed fortunate to witness the ongoing expansion of our regenerative farm and its clientele.

MJ’s Chookie Farm free-ranges the entire flock, and they are meat fed. Every day they also get raw or cooked meat, cheese, raw kefir, a fruit/veg salad I grow on the property, and scraps from the kitchen and left over meals. During the winter they get organic cracked corn only during the coldest days, as it increases heat in the body and helps keep them warm. I also ferment oatmeal and kefir overnight to pull anti-nutrients in the fall/winter. Organic soy free chicken feed and oyster/eggshell is always available as a supplement. And then they get a big bowl of mash everyday as well. The mash ingredients are a secret recipe. But its fermented as well 🙂