The Ganja Kitchen Revolution

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution

About the Book

Learn from the pioneer of Strain Specific Cannabis Cuisine for flavor and master the art of cooking with cannabis. Pairing specific cannabis strains with specific dishes that enhance the flavor profiles of the ingredients for an immensely enjoyable sensory experience on the palate; The Ganja Kitchen Revolution will change the way you cook with cannabis forever.

With 11 different extraction methods and recipes for every meal of the day, this is the only marijuana cookbook to harness the flavor and effects of individual cannabis strains to make your medibles even better.

By selecting specific cannabis strains based on their aroma and taste (from terpenes and flavonoids) then pairing it with the flavor profiles of the ingredients in dishes, strain specific cannabis cuisine is born. This groundbreaking terpene pairing cuisine treats each individual strain as a culinary herb by harnessing the unique flavor and fragrance profiles.

An easy-to-use dietary lifestyle chart and a revolutionary new dosage system means that whatever your diet or health condition, this book will help you to create cannabis-infused meals and drinks that are tailor-made for your medical and recreational needs.

With dishes and drinks from all over the world, beautiful full-color photos and step-by-step shots, professional culinary and medical marijuana advocate Jessica Catalano makes it easy for you to create your own top-class cannabis cuisine.

What’s Inside:

Over 70 creative recipes for wholesome marijuana meals. Covers everything a Marijuana Chef needs to Know:

  • Extraction methods to get more THC out of your marijuana and into your food
  • How to match specific types of cannabis with meals to enhance flavor and effects
  • Regulating dosage to control the potency and medicinal benefits of your dishes
  • How to medicate responsibly with edibles and cannabis-infused drinks
  • Healthy marijuana meals for patients, recreational users and budding canna-chefs.

The Deets:

  • Paperback with 228 pages in English
  • Published by Green Candy Press on November 13, 2012
  • 70 strain specific recipes
  • Step-by-step photo guide
  • Dosage chart
  • Strain flavor profile and pairing chart
  • Recipes for all diet lifestyles (SAD, vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, ect.)
  • Dramatic high definition color photos
  • ISBN-10: 1937866009
  • ISBN-13: 978-1937866006

Where to buy:

  • Amazon
  • Homestead Book Company
  • The Green Solution Dispensary – Colorado
  • Sears
  • iTunes
  • Kindle
  • Barnes and Noble
  • NOOK
  • BookCannabis
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  • OverDrive
  • FS Book Co
  • The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine can also be found at some local headshops.