Cannabis Cupid Float

Robert McCay of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania created the ice cream float in 1874 to attract new customers to his soda fountain. His goal was to attract customers away from his competition by creating a never before see drink consisting of vanilla ice cream, soda water, and a choice of 16 flavored syrups. It became such a sensation that it was banned on holy days by some local state governments in the United States.

During this time sodas were marketed as a “cure-all drink” therefore they were treated like a controlled substance. Most controlled substances during those days like alcohol could not be served or purchased on Sundays. It was also said that the “bubbles in the drink made it too exciting for a Sunday” by some conservative towns. Because they couldn’t sell these drinks, vendors would lose a substantial amount of money on Sundays. To combat this issue, the “sodaless ice cream sundae” was introduced and served as a substitution. The term “sundae” was therefore created by the soda bar industry to name their ice cream substitution they served on what was known as “soda’s day of rest.”

The Cupid Float is a refreshing and vibrant cherry float that harnesses the sweet syrupy flavor of maraschino cherries. This is a classic drink that is usually served on Valentine’s Day to be shared between young lovers. With the addition of cherry flavored cannabis strains in the form of tincture, this ice cream float will be sure to please.

This nostalgic treat will not only visually get one into the spirit of Valentine’s Day but the aphrodisiac properties of cannabis will get any lovers engines revving. Heightened body senses, euphoria, relaxation, and balanced mood from the consumption of cannabis help to put you into the state of sensuality. Enjoy this yummy sweetheart’s float and take glee in the fact that you will be extra naughty because Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year.

Mise en place:

  • 4 scoops Vegan vanilla bean ice cream
  • 1 small maraschino cherry jar (10oz)
  • 1 cookie straw
  • 1 large mouth mason jar
  • 7-UP or Lemon Lime Soda
  • Reclaim tincture or glycerin tincture


  1. Remove 1-2 tablespoons of cherry juice from the jar. Add in 1-2 tablespoons of either reclaim or glycerin tincture per person into the jar. Close the lid and shake. Make sure to add in what you take out so you always have 10 ounces.*
  2. Scoop out 4 spoonfuls of vanilla bean ice cream and place into the mason jar.
  3. Shake the cherry jar again then remove as many cherries without the liquid as you want to put into the mason jar. I would recommend 6-8 for a tasty float.
  4. Measure out 1-2 ounces of the cherry juice and add it to the ice cream.*
  5. Pour the soda pop over the ice cream until it floats.
  6. Break the cookie straw in half and place into the float. Garnish with a cherry on top.
  7. Enjoy!


When dosing your reclaim tincture it is impossible to know how much THC is in the product unless it is tested. Therefore understand it is going to be very strong and that a little goes a long way. If you are a lightweight only add in 1 teaspoon instead of a tablespoon. If you want a medium dose add in 2 teaspoons to a tablespoon instead. Heavyweights can go for 1.5 to 2 tablespoons.

When dosing your glycerin tincture break up the milligram dosage into tablespoons. 10 ounces equals 20 tablespoons, therefore do the math accordingly to dose your float. If the tincture contains 4 ounces and is 200mg, then each tablespoon of the tincture would be 25mg. When you add two 25mg doses to 10 ounces, each ounce would be 5mg. Adjust accordingly.

Strain Suggestions:

I would recommend strains that possess cherry like terpenes and flavonoids. The following would be ideal: Cherry Kush, Cherry Bomb, Cherry Pie, or Cherry OG. If you do not have any of these strains, fret not! Add a strain that has similar or complementary flavors of the ingredients in the dish. Play around with it and have fun!

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