Zero Waste – Bidet 101

Zero Waste – Bidet 101

Many cultures around the world such as France, Southern Europe, and the Islamic world have have had a fond love and reverance for bidets for personal hygiene. Whether it is an actual porecelain bidet, an add-on attachment, or a toliet with a mechanical shower attachment – they are the perfect ecological and economical tool for your family.

“Bidet” is French, meaning “little horse” which is due to the horse like straddling position adopted in its usage. While many are put off at the idea of getting into a horse stance or sitting down and trying to aim a hose at your bum – fret not my dear! This handy little toliet accessory will become your bff in no time.

When my family went Zero Waste in June 2019 we discussed getting a bidet. In July 2019, we ordered our first one and I started our family cloth. Since then, we haven’t looked back – enjoying both the environmental, health, and financial positives.

Environmental Impact

A bidet stops the need for toliet paper which saves the environment a little stress. To make 1 roll of toliet paper it can take anywhere between 12 to 37 gallons of water. Americans on average as a whole use 36.5 billion rolls of TP per year. Whereas a person who uses a traditional bidet only uses 1/8th of a gallon of water to spray and flush. It is also worth to mention that Sientific American reported that if all American’s switched to using bidets, 15 million trees could be saved every year.

Health Benefits

Personal hygiene is improved with the use of a bidet which is good news for anyone. The spray literally washes you clean leaving no residue behind. Whereas toliet paper can get stuck in crevices or not thoughourly clean your private areas. For women, using a bidet during their time of month, pregnancy, postpartum, or after sex is one of the most refreshing experiences. For men, using a bidet to keep their booty clean as a whistle and after sex clean-up is more than enough for them to say, YES!

Financial Savings

Money that goes to toliet paper per year is actually freed up when you purchase a bidet. Which means you can put this towards savings, food, or other important life things. Think about all the positives you will be doing for yourself and your family. And in the event of a crisis – you won’t have to waste money on TP which funnels money to more important things!

How To Use A Bidet with Family Cloth

But how do I get dry you ask? Simple answer: Family Cloth. Yes, google it. That’s a thing. All you have to do is get a small basket, small hand towels or cut up a cotton towel into squares, a basket with a cloth bag insert, and some bleach. Fill the small basket with the folded small towels and place near your toliet. Now, place the basket and insert on the floor near your toliet.

When you need to go, simply spray yourself with the bidet and then grab one small family cloth square. Pat your bum dry and toss it into the basket on the floor by the toliet. When it fills up, simply add all the cloths to the washer machine. You can also get a lined wicker basket with a top if you wish. Add in bleach to the dispenser, soap, and 1/4 cup baking soda into the drum. Wash on hot/hot or the sanitize cycle. Then dry on the hottest setting which will sanitize the cloths again. Now, you have clean and disinfected cloths that can be used over and over again with your bidet.

Here is the bidet shower attachment we use: JP Bathroom Bidet

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