Phase 1 Results of the 30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge

Phase 1 Results of the 30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge

Today marks the end of my CBD Smoothie Challenge that I created to help end my migraines. Between balanced raw nutrition, plant-based meals only on celebration days, and Flora + Bast sleep tincture I have had phenomenal results.

Before I started this diet, my chronic migraines (15-20 a month) turned into a nightmare. I was getting stronger migraines at a greater frequency for longer amounts of time. Instead of a 5 day migraine streak, I ended up with 11 days back to back one month. It put me over the edge and I decided to seek healing through a plant-based CBD regime based on my education and research I have done.

Raw plant-based smoothies with tofu or fermented soy yogurt, a nut or seed, vegetables and fruits, and a grain, comprised my daily smoothie regime. The last smoothie of the evening had the addition of the Flora + Bast sleep tincture. On holidays or celebration days, I allowed myself one big plant-based meal with dessert at times. Over the course of the month, my migraine frequency reduced. I had 7 days of migraines (amazing!) and 24 days migraine free (ahhhhh!). I went from 162 lbs down to 153.9 lbs which is a 8.1 lb loss that I have been able to maintain. My sleep cycle also greatly improved due to the tincture, which allowed me to sleep deeper and longer. I noticed over time that my skin began to become refreshed and dewy. I could confidently go out and about with the worry of having to put make-up before I left.

The past month has been all about healing and focusing on bringing down inflammation. It also was about rebuilding my microbiome to help with the gut brain connection. I chose not to go crazy with exercise but rather just walk, dance, and work in the garden. I wanted all the energy in my body to go towards healing and not rebuilding muscles from crazy workouts. Even still, I ended up losing weight which was a plus but was never a main goal in this challenge. I felt this period of rest and nutrition really created a profound effect within my body.

Over the course of this diet, I realized I wanted to create a phase two and phase three. As that only made sense as you needed to reintroduce whole plant-based foods back into your diet. The first phase was about giving your body a break to heal and repair. And the second will be about reintroducing foods in place of a smoothie while continuing to build and repair your body and microbiome. The last phase, will be about maintaing your health through plant-based whole foods, gut healthy prebiotics and probiotics, and the daily inclusion of CBD products. I will be updating posts on IG and on this blog with my journey through these next two phases. It is my hope that this information helps you as much as it has helped me! Xo!


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