30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge – Day 9 through 14

My bacterial bronchitis has been pretty bad, luckily, the ZPak seemed to do the trick. The whole state of Washington has been experiencing bacterial and viral bronchitis and pneumonia paired with severe allergies. So it seems everyone is sick with the plauge! I am going to go in for a follow up appointment as my asthma seems to be pretty angry still. Otherwise, I feel good and healthy.

I have been busy self-caring and also spending time with family from Colorado who flew in over this past weekend. It was a big celebratory weekend, so I allowed myself three plant-based meals in addition to my smoothies. My weight has been bouncing around 153 lbs to 155 lbs, but I am not worried as it is just food weight. Physically, even though my body has been mending, the smoothies have really been helping with energy and clean nutrition.

I have been taking the Flora + Bast at the same time every night and it has been helping me to fall asleep on a pretty consistent schedule. My sleep also has been very deep with few interruptions which has improved my skin tone drastically. Looking in the mirror this Sunday took me by surprise as I actually appeared younger. My skin possessed a youthful like glow and a nice plumpness that was akin to my college days. Overall, I am pretty obsessed with this product.

The past 7 days have been all about rest and reprose which has been making me eager to get out and move more. I am looking forward to getting over the tail end of this bug and getting out of the house more.

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