30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge – Day 7 & 8

30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge – Day 7 & 8

Day 7: Today was rough, a cold I have been fighting off before I started this diet turned into Bronchitis which went a little south. So I am now on a Z-Pak and using my inhaler as my exercise induced asthma has been triggered by the lung issues. Blah! Surprisingly, even though I have been battling this cold I have had stellar energy delivered by the smoothies. Without them, I feel like I would be camped out on the living room couch or bedroom.

The CBD tincture that I have been using by Flora + Bast has been a life saver as the coughing fits have been tough. It helps me to relax so well and fall asleep so deeply that each night I am able to sleep and recover. Each morning I feel refreshed and well rested even though my body is sick. I am very pleased with the results of this tincture.

Weigh in: 155 lbs down -1.6 lbs from yesterday.

Day 8: My cravings are no longer junk food but rather whole plant-based foods! Wow, I was not expecting this turn of events. I have been turning my nose up at the smell of Vegan junk foods which has made me very happy. Instead, I keep dreaming of large salads full of seeds, vegetables, fruit, and pan fried tofu with made from scratch raw dressings. I want to eat large nori hand rolls stuffed full with a rainbow of vegetables and a side of dressing made of sun butter, hoison sauce, extra virgin olive oil, red chili pepper flakes, and white sesame seeds. Ugh, the food cravings for healthy foods just keeps going on and on. I need to stay off of IG and stop looking at food ??

Weigh in: 154.8 lbs. Down -7.2 lbs in 8 days.


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