30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge – Day 5 & 6

Day 5: I am learning to manage my junk food cravings better. However, the smell of wholesome foods are starting to get to me. Roasting pablano peppers yesterday for Cinco De Mayo was driving me absolutely insane. I actually felt my mouth salivating as the smell was wafting through the air as they were roasting in the oven. Making food for my husband and daughter without being able to eat too, was tourture! But I kept my mind in perspective and reminded myself that this is only temporary! This too shall pass.

Day 6: I am down to 156.6 lbs! That is a 5.4 lb weight loss in 6 days! I have been hydrating adequately, getting enough sodium in my miso broth, and getting water from fruit. I am starting to feel really amazing energy wise with a weird sense of clarity. My skin is breaking out a bit, not too much, but it seems like toxins may be coming out to the surface. I am at peace today.

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