30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge – Day 22 & 23

30 Day CBD Smoothie Challenge – Day 22 & 23

I have gone 20 days without a migraine (May 3rd to May 22nd) which has been the longest time frame I can ever remember. As someone who was diagonsed with chronic migraines in 8th grade but has experienced them at a even younger age – this was extrodinary! That is why I was in tears as of yesterday because my 20 day streak ended with a stress and pollution induced migraine.

Stuck in traffic right by Tacoma, I was in back to back traffic. Then the icing on the was a chain tobacco smoker in the HOV lane who puffed one cigg after another for a whole 31 minutes in 80 degree heat. Between that, the construction fumes and car fumes – I was floored with nausea, muscle tension, and a blinding migraine.

When I came home, all I wanted to do was crawl into a cold well and fall asleep, defeated. I wanted to have 30 days of no migraines. I wanted to experience normalcy for once in my life without the burden of having to function with severe chronic migraines. I didn’t want to accept that outside factors outside of my control had resulted in this pain and my regime couldn’t stop it. My body had reached it’s critical mass from outside pollutants and was screaming for help.

I made myself a CBD smoothie, allowed myself to have a huge bowl of shredded jicama, kohlrabi, kale, shredded coconut, and a raw pad Thai dressing. I then nursed a 12oz cup of water and slathered on a THC infused pain salve. After finishing my evening, I crawled into bed and prayed my migraine would pass. However, the next day it was still there.

So, today has been about healing myself through raw foods, herbal teas, filtered water, and my CBD Smoothie Diet. My migraine as of this afternoon has been lifting a bit and I hope by this evening or tomorrow that it will be fully eradicated. I am going to end the night by taking a hot bath before bed with my homemade lavender bath bombs.

All in all, I have to be grateful and thankful for 20 days of no migraines. That in itself is a marvelous feat. I learned that chronic pain can be managed well when the right foods and natural plant medicine are combined. I also learned that this needs to be a lifestyle where daily smoothies and CBD oils are incorporated into my everyday living. Lastly, I confirmed the power of a plant-based diet. Raw smoothies, gluten-free plant based meals on celebration days, and CBD oil the last 23 days have improved my health more than any other diet ever has. For that, I am grateful ?


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