30 Day CBD Challenge Phase 2: Day 4-9

30 Day CBD Challenge Phase 2: Day 4-9

The last 5 days have been great but the last 9 days have been amazing overall. I have only had 1 migraine and two very mild headaches. I would say that my CBD challenge is turning out some really great results in my body over the last 39 days overall. I am very pleased with both Flora + Bast CBD sleep tincture as well as Natural Recovery Greens CBD supplement. Both have been creating little miracles in my body when paired with a mostly raw plant based diet.

The inflammation in my body has been on a steady decline. The pain in my joints, knots in my neck, and my migraines seem to slowly dissipating over time. And recovery time after workouts has dramatically reduced in time but accelerated in healing. My sleep has also been improving as the Natural Recovery Greens relaxes me into such a deep state of sleep. For the first time ever, last night I was able to sleep a whole night without waking. Something I have not been able to do since my daughter was born 3 1/2 years ago.

This diet and these supplements have been two of the best choices I have made in awhile. I am so pleased with the tranformation that has been happening to my body. It is something worth celebrating and sharing as this experience has been life changing. Plants are truly medicine ?


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