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Vegan Blood Orange Cheesecake

June 6, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano Desserts ,Gluten-Free ,Vegan ,Vegetarian

The edge, it calls all the thrill seekers in all corners of the world, a state of mind where death dances wildly and seductively, beckoning. Where most people would run away in fear of death, others, the wild at heart, chase him. This chase allows for a certain sense of challenge within the elements coupled with the ultimate prize feeling of being “free”. How far can I go? How far can I push it? There is an intense urge fueled by passion towards the vehicle that one uses to chase this sort of thing.

Standing over a ledge of the mountain is enough for some to get weak in the knees let alone the idea of hurling yourself down it. Cranking my feet down into my board, the wind whispering into my ears as the mountain slopes call my name with their white laden crystals glimmering in the distance. The thoughts begin to take hold as I take several centering breaths to align my spirit. Will I hit a hidden patch of ice and lose control, washing out like a semi jackknifing on the interstate? Like a junkie chomping at the bit, I scan the slope side before I let my board start its descent. Carving down steep terrain, heel then toe, champagne powder sprays off the serrated edges of my board like a wave.

Intense drops begin to increase my speed to 35 mph before the mountain begins to flow into large humps reminiscent of a camel’s back. I find my line while releasing my edge right before the snowy terrain hurls my body through the air causing me to take flight just like Icarus. It is in this moment that I sense a taunting of sorts to push the limits. The wind presses against my googles as gravity pushes me back down onto the slopes with the loud thump of my board landing. I carve a hard down a black diamond run and turn even harder into a beaconing tree run. Trying to keep my speed while carving around endless shrubbery, it isn’t until a small hidden gnarly tree root causes me to flip head first into a roll down the terrain that I notice his presence. I hear a whisper within the wind, “Not your time yet…” as I slip down the hardened snow, gathering every bit of strength to slow down my tumble where possible.

The speed of my fall allows me to dig my heels deep into the snow, turning my body and pulling me up from the ground while maintaining motion back into my predetermined line. Snow falls from the tree branches that whip past my body in large clumps and I can hear him say “Nice save”. I take another sharp turn, this time right, as I traverse hard on my toe edge out of the trees and back onto the black diamond run. On this blessed weekday run, it is clear for miles, as all the tourists are busy locked into their Monday to Friday work grind. Craving hard, back and forth, I gain more speed then I take my line. 40mph isn’t enough, I push faster, and I want 50mph or more.

It is runs like these that one wants to push the limits, but you know that by doing so, every move must be executed to perfection and you must commit. To commit fully, you have to let go. But by letting go, you are also directing inviting his presence to ride with you completely.

In this moment, the constant chatter of the world begins to fall completely to the wayside. An ethereal quite begins to blanket over my surroundings as adrenaline courses through my veins. Straight-Lining down the mountain, in perfect balance as to not catch an edge that would throw me to my death, I reach my nirvana: A state of complete freedom, happiness, grace, and disconnect from all the bullshit of the world. His white horse gallops alongside me out of the corner of my eye, nostrils flaring and mane wildly thrashing in the wind. “The Edge…There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are ones who have gone over. The others–the living–are those who pushed their control as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later.” – H.S.T

This recipe is designed for all the thrill seekers out there. Whether looking to have an incredibly high amount of cannabis to aid in heavy mind and body recovery or to seek spiritual enlightenment, this recipe is for you. After consuming this edible, you will feel every cell in your body vibrate and feel your consciousness expand in exhilarating crescendos. Healing energy will wash over you, filling all of your cannabinoid receptors to maximum capacity. The day after, your body will be re-aligned spiritually and you will sense the feeling of being on another level coupled with no aches or pains of the physical body. You will awake, feeling completely anew and refreshed.

What better vessel than the cheesecake for this? Historically, the creation of the first cheesecake can be traced back to Samos, a Greek island in the eastern Aegean Sea. A simple recipe of spring wheat flour, cheese (either feta or mizithra), and honey were mixed then baked in a brass pan. The Greeks considered this cake to be a rich source of energy and consumed it during various occasions. In 776 B.C, the Greeks served this delicious cake to their first Olympians.

This delectable cake was looted by the Roman Empire as they conquered Greece. The Roman’s began to modify the Greek recipe by adding eggs and crushing the cheese instead of turning it into a paste. They also served the cake warm, where the Greeks served it at room temperature. As the Romans began to expand their empire even further, they brought their modified version of the cake to Europe. The different countries of Europe began even further modifying the recipe using ingredients that were native to their area. By this time, ingredients such as sugar, yeast, and butter were finding their way into Cheesecakes.

Finally, by the 18th century, Cheesecakes began to take the form we are most familiar with, more of a dessert. When Europeans immigrated to America, this sweet cake came with them and was passed down into the hands of Americans. Cream cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, extra egg yolks, ricotta cheese, and fruit toppings were ingredients that came into play depending on what state the cake was bring prepared in.

Vegan cheesecake isn’t as scary as it sounds. In fact, this style of cheesecake is great for people who suffer from lactose intolerance or late onset lactose intolerance (my significant other), people who want to lead a vegan lifestyle, people who want an alternative healthier version of the cake or even for people who want to try something different. And with the addition of a blood orange gelée infused with reclaim extract, this is probably going to be the most enjoyable cheesecake recipe you ever make. And I promise, making this is not as hard as you think.

This recipe comes with a warning, because you are recycling oil from a heavily used rig, it is going to be extremely potent. The oil that clings to the walls is already decarboxylated and is not something that should be thrown away. This oil can be used in a second extraction method using everclear which you can add to edibles. There is no true way of knowing at home what the dose in milligrams or even grams is, unless you can send the extraction off to a lab to be tested for potency. Therefore, it is recommended that you treat this edible with respect and know, no matter how much you ingest, you are going to be okay. This edible is not for the faint of heart, and by making this recipe you are taking full accountability to enjoy it responsibly.

For the recipe please visit: Skunk Magazine Volume 9, Issue 7


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