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Summertime Freshies

May 5, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano Drinks ,Gluten-Free ,Vegan ,Vegetarian

Image yourself lounging out in the sun filled mountains by a large alpine lake drinking a cannabis fruit infused ice water. Yes, you heard right, cannabis fruit infused ice water. You have seen the delicious non-medicated counterpart in spas, salons, and resorts over the years. Now I give you medicated versions, to fit three specific types of highs to either pamper or engage you.

Orange Pineapple Express: This strain produces a very uplifting energetic effect with massive stress-relieving properties. Pineapple Express is perfect for when you want to lounge in Mother Nature’s presence but put this uplifting creative energy into art by yourself or brainstorming with others. You will then be carried into a relaxing state of mind hours later. The flavors of pineapple and orange will dance on your tongue, making you want to drink more of this refreshing concoction.

Mint Blackberry: Blackberry is 50/50 hybrid strain, which packs a deep body high paired with the cerebral effects of a sativa. Perfect for when you want to lounge out in the sun with your friends or alone because your body is recovering from a long hike the day before. Pain relief and a positive mental outlook are two star effects of this strain. As you sip on this dark drink, the flavors of mint will create a cool pathway caressing the citrus of the berries.

Grapefruit: Fresh grapefruit during the summertime is such a treat. When fresh grapefruit is combined with the strain grapefruit, something more exciting happens. The terpenes of this strain intensify the flavor of the citrus fruit creating an energizing drink. At 90% sativa, this drink is perfect to take along with you when doing activities outdoors. It will keep you energetic and alert, helping your athletic abilities be at your best performance.

For the free recipe please visit: Ladybud Magazine.


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