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Scooby Snacks

June 6, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano Desserts ,Vegetarian

Cannabis in the right doses is very therapeutic for dogs as it can help battle cancer, siezures, joint damage, anxiety, arthritis, and a multitude of other things. Yes, some vets have had cases where there have been cases where seizures, coma, neurological depression, and dehydration have been reported. I myself have been told by a vet that a dog could have a seizure. But vets didn’t factor in the medium which the cannabis was consumed by the pet, so who knows how true this statement is? If a dog ate an edible containing a high percentage of chocolate and raisins, this would be a recipe for disaster as both are toxic to dogs. Again, proper dosing and a proper medium are agents in this equation. Given the right dose and medium, it will be therapeutic for the animal. I have also been told by a large number of vets here in Colorado that cannabis won’t harm your dog even in higher doses.

Clearly, some vets are still stuck on the whole Reefer Madness thing.
It can also help with things such things as aggression, hip or joint problems, temperament, pain relief, glaucoma, behavioral problems and skin conditions. And one more thing to make you feel even better about the wonderful things cannabis does for animals is that no dog or cat has been reported to have died from cannabis consumption. My little Jack Tzu consumed two ounces of stolen strained buds from cannabutter I had made one night out of the trash. Yes, she was higher than a kite but she survived without any devastating effects. In fact, I felt she matured mentally (no more unrolling multiple spools of yarn and wrapping the furniture in the living room with rainbow colored strings).

On a final note, no animal should ever be forced to eat edibles for personal entertainment. Edibles for pets are designed to deliver therapeutic and positive effects. Animals can benefit from the effects, but this is something you need to discuss with your vet and/or family. You also need to find the right dose for your animal depending on their weight. I designed these edibles for my 65 pound Weimaraner but I also break each treat into halves for my little 12 pound Jack Tsu. If you are making these edibles for the first time for your pet, do it on a night you can get medicated together. This will allow your pet to trust the medicine and allow you to monitor them while they experience their first cannabis edible.

Headband, the creation of Sour Diesel and OG Kush by DNA Genetics, is one of my favorite strains to pair with peanut butter recipes. The earth and fuel like tones of this strain pairs beautifully with the nutty flavors of the peanuts. It is a 70/30 Indica dominant strain that will provide 100% relief from anxiety. This strain also balances pain relief with a clear minded euphoria, relaxation and tranquility. This is the perfect strain to use when you plan to medicate and relax after a long hard day at work or of play out in the mountains. And this strain is perfect for a pooch that needs relief from the aforementioned problems dogs can face but in a healthier and much more natural way than pharmaceutical vet pills.

For the recipe please visit: Skunk Magazine Volume 9, Issue 1


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