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PMS and Cramp Relief with G-13 Cannabis Strain

May 5, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano Skin Care ,Vegan

Every month, women everywhere have to deal with Mother Nature’s pesky visitor who leaves them curled up in a ball clutching their lower tummies. Even with the help of pain relievers and natural remedies, sometimes the pain is too deep, depending on the woman. Fret not, as this is a wonderfully simple and quick home cramp rub using the strain G-13, shea butter, peppermint oil and Tiger Balm. This is one rub recipe I gift unto you all to help you through that time of month as it helps me get through those painful times.

G-13 is 100% Indica, when applied topically it will help to numb out the affected area and provide outstanding pain relief. When combined with Tiger Balm, this rub switches to the next level. Tiger Balm has been used all around the world and provides excellent pain relief just by itself. When combined with cannabis, especially Indicas or strains high in CBD, this balm will knock pain right out of the park. And when this balm is finished off with a little peppermint oil, your inner girl parts will rejoice in delight.

I decided to use shea butter as the medium to extract the cannabis. This wonderful butter comes from a nut in Africa, where it is hand processed by African women. It is very important as a consumer to make sure you buy this butter from a trusted source that pays their women fair wages. Usually you can find the right stuff at a Whole Food’s or your local organic grocer. Shea butter is one of the best natural emollients and heals damaged skin while also supporting overall skin health. So, not only will you get incredible pain relief but also super soft skin on your tummy.

When Girl’s Time G-13 Cramp Rub is applied to the lower abdominal area, the cannabinoids are absorbed directly through the skin, providing exceptional pain relief. If you are a woman with heavy flow, I would also recommend rubbing some on your lower back in addition to the lower tummy area. Because of the anti-inflammatory, analgesic, circulatory and muscle-relaxing properties of this rub, you can also use it for other types of pain relief. Rub a little on your temples for headache or migraine topical relief, over achy arthritis joints, bruises, muscle pain, neck pain, back pain and use as a post workout muscle rub.

For the free recipe please visit: Ladybud Magazine.


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