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Medicated Pocket Pies

September 9, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano Desserts ,Vegetarian

August through September is the peak time for fruit in Colorado across the state. Palisade peaches, blueberries, cherries, plums, you name it, are not only delicious and bountiful but also very cheap. If you are a fellow Coloradan, now is the time to start taking advantage of nature’s gift to make pies, jellies, jams, compotes, syrups, and canned items. Even if you don’t live in Colorado, do not fret, as you will have local fruits that are in season and every bit plentiful!

This is a simple pocket pie recipe that is designed to cut down the time it takes to make the proper dough by substituting with an organic premade pie crust. A shorter prep time means less time in the kitchen, which will allow you to enjoy more hours in the great outdoors.

But don’t get me wrong, if you want to make your own pie dough, by all means do it! Nothing is more enjoyable then the hypnotic process of making the perfect pie crust.

These scrumptious little pies not only look tantalizing but also taste so extraordinarily yummy that I bet you can’t eat just one! Pocket pies travel extremely well and are perfect for picnics, lakeside lounging, dessert after a delicious dinner or long hikes up a mountain pass.

The beauty of this recipe is that it allows the baker to choose what strain they want for not only terpene flavors but also strain effects. If you are looking for a more lively mood choose a sativa to bake into this recipe for a great energy boost. A heavy indica would be great if you want your pie to lull you into sleep after a well-balanced meal. Or perhaps a hybrid, if you want the best of both worlds delivered to your pie. It is recommended to pick a fruity, citrus, sweet, or floral strain to pair with the flavor profiles of the fruit. Have fun with it and enjoy the seasons!

For the free recipe please visit: Ladybud Magazine


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