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Greek Yogurt with Honey, Nuts, and Vanilla Kush

May 5, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano Breakfast & Brunch ,Gluten-Free ,Vegetarian

Greek Yogurt is something I can never seem to get enough of! I have always found myself working this healthy and delicious treat into my every day diet. This type of yogurt is packed with double the protien, half the sodium, and less sugar than most conventional yogurt brands. This recipe is incredibly simple and quick yet fully flavorful. The tones of Vanilla Kush compliment the candied nuts and honey while uplifting the tangy yogurt into a sweeter profile of taste. The cardamon and coriander only elevate these flavors even more on the pallet. This can be enjoyed as a healthy and protein packed breakfast, mid day snack, lunch or even as dessert.

Mise en place:

1 cup FAGE Total 2% Greek Yogurt
1 gram Vanilla Kush activated kief or hash
1/4 cup honey peanuts
Honey to drizzle to taste
Few pinches caradamom
Few pinches coriander


Add the Greek Yogurt into the serving bowl of your choice and drizzle the amount of desired honey. Now sprinkle the honey peanuts or another nut of choice over the yogurt and honey. Add a few pinches of cardamom and coriander. Finally, add the activated Vanilla Kush kief.Enjoy!

Originally appeared on TGKR’s Blogspot on 9/16/2012


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