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Crystallized Kief Ginger

January 1, 2016 by: Jessica Catalano Gluten-Free ,Vegan ,Vegetarian

Move over Gin Gin’s, I will have my candied ginger medicated please. This scrumptiously spicy yet sweet candy will surely be a hit for any diehard ginger fan. All it takes is a few simple ingredients, a little patience and love for the ginger root to create this highly delightful recipe. And once you make it, there are plenty of ways to imbibe besides just popping them into your mouth. Chop them up and add them to your morning coffee, a hot cup of tea, baked goods, hot cereal, hot cocoa or savory recipes that need a little zing.

Lest we forget, just because this spicy root is covered in cane sugar does not mean all the health benefits fly out the window. They are still there. These little morsels of heaven will help to combat nausea, the common cold, the flu, muscle pain, menstrual pain, cholesterol, infections and help aid in digestion. These natural benefits become even more powerful with the addition of full-spectrum cannabinoids. The choice of kief is left up to you but I would recommend strains that possess earthy or sandalwood flavonoid and terpene profiles to best match the flavors of the ginger. Some of my favorites would be Headband, Hashplant, Harlequin, Powerplant, Burmese Kush or Mandala #1.

Get the free recipe here: Cannabis Now Magazine
Originally published 12/12/2015


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