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Chewy Chocolope Chocolate Protein Cookies

January 1, 2016 by: Jessica Catalano Desserts ,Vegan ,Vegetarian

A new year brings about many resolutions in regards to one’s character or physical attributes. Some people resolve to become better people by getting involved with important charities or human rights movements, while others resolve to treat their bodies better and get healthier by losing weight or becoming more fit. Whatever your resolution this year is, commit to it and know you can achieve it! But don’t stop there; you can make multiple resolutions that will do yourself and others good any time of the year.

After having my first child Mary Jane (yes, that is her real legal name) in October, I resolved to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight this New Year then take it a step further to get in the best shape of my life. I launched the Cannabis Mom Diet blog to chronicle my journey and encourage other cannabis mothers to join me in the pursuit of a healthy new year filled with responsible cannabis consumption. This recipe reflects that spirit of health with a delicious sinful chocolate cookie that is actually protein in disguise. Enjoy the intense chocolate coffee and spice flavors of Chocolope that will meld with the ingredients of these protein cookies to create a wonderfully addictive taste on the palate. Whatever your journey is this year, it is guaranteed that each bite of this cookie is a step to a healthy direction!

For the free recipe visit: Cannabis Now Magazine
Originally published 1/01/2016


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