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Cannabis And Christianity: Why I Believe Jesus Would Oppose The Drug War

June 6, 2014 by: Jessica Catalano

“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” (Genesis 1:29)

I want you to truly let this statement roll around in your head, let it marinate for a bit, and think about what this verse means to you. In my personal judgment, I believe God intended humans to both use and eat plants that he placed upon this earth as it is indicated by this verse in Genesis. And one of the many plants that is upon this earth is cannabis. This miraculous plant both bears fruit and seed, which we as humans can consume for a multitude of health and spiritual benefits.

My own spiritual journey with God lead me to a calling in the medical marijuana industry. Sadly, myself and others were constantly met with disapproval by others throughout our journey. But just like others, I stood strong in my beliefs. In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, “To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake”.

God placed cannabis on this earth for a multitude of reasons. Medicine, knowledge, textile uses, interpersonal associations, healing and spiritual connections are just some simple umbrella terms that encompass the marvels of this plant.

Everything happens for a reason, and in my opinion, God was bestowing a gift to humanity that would serve several purposes. It was even believed by some scholars that the oil Jesus was anointing people with was actually a potent cannabis oil mixture.

The uses of cannabis as we know it are almost limitless, yet we as a race have decided to make it illegal for reasons that are more asinine than I could ever imagine. Society has created a War on Drugs, which is a war on its own people, that many willingly engage in and support.

Our leaders have deemed a plant, that has been naturally occurring since the beginning of time, illegal based on false science and propaganda. These same leaders are willing to forcibly feed you lab created drugs that are more detrimental to someone’s health then cannabis ever could be. People die daily of drug overdoses and prescription interactions, yet cannabis has killed no one in history and it is a Schedule I drug? Riddle me that.

When I think about the War On Drugs, I feel that God feels the same way about it as he does when someone looses faith in him. He has given us a beautiful gift, yet some people are throwing it right back in his face because they don’t believe in it.

Political agendas, Reefer Madness teachings, Big Brother, greed, and the whole pharmaceutical system, are all manifestations of the darker side of people’s nature. These unbalanced people are trying to destroy and eradicate a gift that should be accessible to all. A gift that is as natural and beautiful as a delicate daisy in a field of flowers. A gift meant for peace that is instead being exploited by entities such as drug cartels and people in political power.

How does a government entity have the right to say that nature is illegal? It does not. But people are too scared to fight against the status quo, so they accept what they are being fed through TV, political rallies, newspapers and other forms of communication. God didn’t make a mistake, the human race as a whole has made a mistake. And that is exactly why myself and others are called in different ways to defend this amazing plant and teach people that is not evil but rather good.

“How does a government entity have the right to say that nature is illegal?”

Being a crusader for cannabis is more than attending rallies, speaking out in public, or creating controversial topics to be debated in public. It goes much deeper than that as it is spiritual in nature. You must be willing to integrate cannabis into every aspect of your life so that you may be an example for others.

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