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Paleo 101

July 06 , 2018 by GanjaKitchenRevolution - in Blog

What exactly is the Paleo diet you ask? It is a dietary plan based loosely around what a caveman could hunt and gather during the Paleolithic period. Its premise is that this is a healthier way to eat and that the dawn of the agricultural farming revolution started major health issues we are dealing with […]

THE CBD PALEO DIET On July 6, 2018, I embarked on the Paleo Diet in conjunction with CBD. I set the intention to follow this diet in hopes of healing inflammation in my digestive tract as well as inflammation from previously diagnosed medical conditions. So far, the Paleo diet has proved it’s weight in gold. […]

Food diets are just as introspective as the best homegrown weed.My time on the Ketogenic Diet was such a learning experience. I lost rapid weight, let go of excess water retention, and developed healthier eating habits. Unfortunately, the diet was not for me. Keto was too restrictive when it came to carbohydrate counts and natural […]

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