Cannabis And Christianity: Why I Believe Jesus Would Oppose The Drug War

Cannabis And Christianity: Why I Believe Jesus Would Oppose The Drug War

“I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.” (Genesis 1:29)  

I want you to truly let this statement roll around in your head, let it marinate for a bit, and think about what this verse means to you. In my personal judgment, I believe God intended humans to both use and eat plants that he placed upon this earth as it is indicated by this verse in Genesis. And one of the many plants that is upon this earth is cannabis. This miraculous plant both bears fruit and seed, which we as humans can consume for a multitude of health and spiritual benefits.

My own spiritual journey with God lead me to a calling in the medical marijuana industry. Sadly, myself and others were constantly met with disapproval by others throughout our journey. But just like others, I stood strong in my beliefs. In the immortal words of Bill Hicks, “To make marijuana against the law is like saying God made a mistake”.

God placed cannabis on this earth for a multitude of reasons. Medicine, knowledge, textile uses, interpersonal associations, healing and spiritual connections are just some simple umbrella terms that encompass the marvels of this plant.

Everything happens for a reason, and in my opinion, God was bestowing a gift to humanity that would serve several purposes. It was even believed by some scholars that the oil Jesus was anointing people with was actually a potent cannabis oil mixture.

The uses of cannabis as we know it are almost limitless, yet we as a race have decided to make it illegal for reasons that are more asinine than I could ever imagine. Society has created a War on Drugs, which is a war on its own people, that many willingly engage in and support.

Our leaders have deemed a plant, that has been naturally occurring since the beginning of time, illegal based on false science and propaganda. These same leaders are willing to forcibly feed you lab created drugs that are more detrimental to someone’s health then cannabis ever could be. People die daily of drug overdoses and prescription interactions, yet cannabis has killed no one in history and it is a Schedule I drug? Riddle me that.

When I think about the War On Drugs, I feel that God feels the same way about it as he does when someone looses faith in him. He has given us a beautiful gift, yet some people are throwing it right back in his face because they don’t believe in it.

Political agendas, Reefer Madness teachings, Big Brother, greed, and the whole pharmaceutical system, are all manifestations of the darker side of people’s nature. These unbalanced people are trying to destroy and eradicate a gift that should be accessible to all. A gift that is as natural and beautiful as a delicate daisy in a field of flowers. A gift meant for peace that is instead being exploited by entities such as drug cartels and people in political power.

How does a government entity have the right to say that nature is illegal? It does not. But people are too scared to fight against the status quo, so they accept what they are being fed through TV, political rallies, newspapers and other forms of communication. God didn’t make a mistake, the human race as a whole has made a mistake. And that is exactly why myself and others are called in different ways to defend this amazing plant and teach people that is not evil but rather good.

“How does a government entity have the right to say that nature is illegal?”

Being a crusader for cannabis is more than attending rallies, speaking out in public, or creating controversial topics to be debated in public. It goes much deeper than that as it is spiritual in nature. You must be willing to integrate cannabis into every aspect of your life so that you may be an example for others.

You must live and breathe it, and be willing to die for what you believe in. That is passion. You must be willing to open up to a higher power and be a instrument to teach, inspire and help others. You must be willing to give knowledge freely. You must work out of passion and love of cannabis, not for monetary gain or 15 minutes of fame. You must be willing to not fall into the traps of social drama by throwing proverbial stones at people who are in our movement because they may be different then you.

You must be willing to help those who have had their world ripped apart because they were victims of the Drug War. You must be willing to be ok with saying “This is who I am and I believe in cannabis” even if it is going to create strife. You must be ok with the fact that each person in this movement is going to be called in different ways to be a crusader and that one is not better than the other.

If one person is better being a community leader versus another person who is better writing controversial topics, respect and support it. This is not a popularity contest but rather a fight to liberate a gift God has bestowed upon us.

Remember, we are fighting this great fight together and we need to stick together to create a better world. The world as we know it today, is a mad mad world. We have the cure for cancer but the government doesn’t want to hear it because it is a threat to their well-oiled machine.

Gifts such as cannabis give us hope for a better future. It is a spiritual plant that will open up your mind to think differently. It connects you to God/Spirituality, it connects you to nature, it connects you to yourself, it connects you to others, and it has the ability to heal so many problems. God has given us this gift and it is time to accept it. This is a revolution. Wear your cannabis heart on your sleeve and fight for your right to medicate.

St. Theresa

St. Theresa

My relationship with God has definitely been different than most, but through it all I remained a deeply spiritual person. I was raised Roman Catholic and went through private Catholic schools throughout my life.

At a young age I remember going to church with my mother and staring off into the stained glass while the priest went about mass. My mind was focusing on an image of St. Theresa, who deeply intrigued me with how heavy into mysticism and writing she was. The smell of incense and burning candles swirled around my nostrils as I gazed into her image. In this moment, I knew I wanted to be a vessel to help people but I was unsure of how or what path. I contemplated interest in becoming a nun but then realized I would rather be outside than inside a monastery my whole life.

I found myself struggling with my faith at an early age. While mass was always very theatrical and deeply traditional, I found myself constantly sitting in church with thoughts of why certain teachings were too harsh.

The first one that struck my core, was the fact the Catholic church taught that homosexuality was sinful and that all homosexuals would go to hell. Why in the world would God create gay or lesbian humans only to throw them into the pits of hell? Aren’t all humans created in the image and likeness of God?

“Why in the world would God create gay or lesbian humans only to throw them into the pits of hell? Aren’t all humans created in the image and likeness of God?”

I always struggled with this as my mother had very close gay friends and I could never picture these beautiful souls ever going to hell. As I became older, I continued to struggle with many of the strict teachings. My mother recognized this and began taking me to different churches such as Unitarian, Lutheran and even Universal churches. My mother was also very good at teaching me things about nature and keeping me very closely connected with it.

Going to the different churches was really quite refreshing for me, but I wanted something more.

My mother began giving me books on earth religions when I expressed interest in them through school papers I was writing. With my deep connection to nature I began exploring the earth religion books she had given to me. Submersing myself into studying and practicing this new perspective opened up a whole new viewpoint to religion and God for me for the next several years.

By exploring this side of religious practices, I found my spirituality was being nourished in a more positive nature. I felt as if I was reconnecting with God on a deeper level without the interference of strict dogmas. This deep spiritual bond fine tuned my already very sensitive pious nature.

I remember from an early age that I was very sensitive to the spiritual realm and always felt like I was had one leg up compared to other people who were not in tune with their spirituality. Visions, dreams, signs, and premonition like feelings were things most people would be afraid of but instead I embraced. I knew that this was a gift from God and a direct connection to him. These feelings were in part, one of the reasons at a very young age I considered becoming a nun.

One of my soul sisters and best friends, would later become a shaman in my life, so to speak. I had taught her so much about spirituality over the course of our relationship and now it was her turn to help me. You see, sometimes unfortunate life events will happen and your spirituality will be tested through these ill-fated situations.

I went through such a period, where for six years of my life I found myself spiritually lost because of the person I chose to have in my existence at the time. I found myself losing my connection to God because Religion or Spirituality on any level was not supported. After some time I had become spiritually dead. The dark side of myself, a side everyone has, was becoming nurtured instead of the light side of myself.

I always had worked hard to balance both light and dark sides of my human nature and even have tattoos to always remind me of this balance. I admire symmetry because it reminds me of this delicate art of balance. The words Lux and Xul (Light and Dark) had always been a mantra for me to meditate on. I was lost; I was putting myself into unhealthy situations with disregard to my own life.

Both my parents, friends, and my soul sister, all tried to bring me back to the person they loved and knew. Gifts of religious relics Catholic, Christian and pagan came through the mail. Spiritual signs would happen in the house but I would dismiss it with analytical thoughts. My soul sister would call me, and even when I didn’t pick up the phone, she would leave me voicemails that were little messages of guidance.

When I held the items that were gifted to me, all I could do was cry because I knew I was in the wrong place and had to move forward. So I would tuck away these objects and allowed myself to remain in denial because I didn’t have the strength. Instead of being spiritually sound and using positive energy to create things, I wanted to destroy things.

It wasn’t until I bought a new car that I was touched by God’s grace again. I decided after long conversations with my father, that I needed to buy a car that would not get me into trouble on the street. You need to understand my insatiable thirst for driving fast to appreciate why I needed to “slow down”. Going 120+ mph in a sports car during the winter in a 45 mph zone, then getting surrounded by four state troopers is one of the many reasons.

I went to the dealer, negotiated a great deal with the help of my father on the phone, and was about to take off in my new car. There was a little grasshopper on my right side view mirror who I noticed but figured would jump off before I drove the car away.

Much to my surprise, when I got to work the little grasshopper was still on the mirror. I looked at him, laughed, and tried to shoo him away. I literally was waving my hand back and forth, and the grasshopper was acting completely unafraid. In fact, he was looking right at me with not an ounce of fear. I was baffled. Most grasshoppers would have most certainly felt threatened at this point with my hand movements. So I just looked at him and screamed “What are you waiting for? Just JUMP!”

And like that, the grasshopper jumped off my car. I stood there shocked. I realized this whole situation was a sign. I needed to have to courage to “JUMP” myself and get out of the circumstances that were making me unhealthy and move forward onto my life path.

I went to sit on the porch, while I contemplated what had just happened. A warm summer breeze stirred up and a brown rabbit appeared. The rabbit came onto the porch, looked at me, cleaned his face/ears/mouth and then just gazed into my eyes. This wild animal was literally two feet from my physical body and was unafraid of me. The rabbit then comfortably moved across the porch and into a hedge of bushes.

I immediately called my father to tell him what I experienced and he said it was a sign. Literally 30 minutes later, my father called back to tell me that an old cup of mine from a past Mardi Gras Birthday party celebration had exploded on his desk without him touching it. He called to say it was my third and final sign. It was time to move on and shed my past to create something new. My Father warned that I needed to grab my career path by the horns and focus on the work I was doing to help people, as we both felt it was a calling. I remember asking God for the courage to be able to fight for this plant he created and to give me strength to take the right path.

"I wasn't meant to be a nun, I was meant to be a cannabis crusader."

“I wasn’t meant to be a nun, I was meant to be a cannabis crusader.”

In my heart, I knew that being a pivotal person in the cannabis industry to help people heal and advocate people’s right to use cannabis was my calling. From the first time I smoked in 7th grade, to the first time I made edibles, to high school when I learned more about the art of edibles, to college where I fine tuned my skills because it was both art and medicine; I understood that these teachers and people came into my life to help me with my own life path. They were giving me the skills, preparation, and knowledge to eventually help others.

I wasn’t meant to be a nun, I was meant to be a cannabis crusader. I was meant to shake up peoples’ preconceived notions of cannabis and teach them the truth. I had to nail my colors to the mast, “This is who I am. Take it or leave it. But I am about to shake things up!”

God never left my side, and although I left his, he was still trying to push me onto the right path in life. Once I realized I needed to devote my life completely to the cannabis cause and to a spiritual connection with him, everything began to fall into place. I finally had the courage to leave the situation, but it resulted in even more turmoil. I was forced to stand on my own two legs. I made the spiritual effort to become reconnected during this difficult period, and when I did, I felt as if the shift from darkness to balance was coming into effect. I was being tested one last time, but I met the test head on. When things in my life began to settle down, and I made the right choices, it was as if a veil had been lifted from my eyes. I could see a clear cut and defined road in front of me. “Once was lost, but now is found”.

From that moment on, I have stayed true to both my path and to God. I do not follow the strict teachings of the Roman Catholic church, but instead find a relaxed Christian approach that is based in nature.

Confused? What I mean by this is that I see God in nature and I don’t feel I need to go to a church to find him. He is in everything and everywhere all at the same time. His blessings, signs, directions, callings, etc., are always present in your daily life. Whether you approach God from a Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, or any other form of religious or spiritual beliefs, he is there. You just need to listen. Just like there are many languages around the world, God speaks in many different tongues. There were two verses that helped solidify my thoughts on God being closely connected more so to nature:

Jesus said, “If your leaders say to you, ‘Look, the Father’s kingdom is in the sky,’ then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Rather, the Father’s kingdom is within you and it is outside you.” (Gospel of Thomas)

“The Kingdom of God is inside you and all around you,Not in a mansion of wood and stone.Split a piece of wood and God is there,Lift a stone and you will find God.” (Gospel of Thomas)

Written for: Ladybud Magazine

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