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Mellow Merlot Recipe: Cannabis Infused Wine Plays Off Grape Ape’s Tasting Profile

Mellow Merlot Recipe: Cannabis Infused Wine Plays Off Grape Ape’s Tasting Profile

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Kush Infused Turkey Puts Dank Flavor in Thanksgiving

Kush Infused Turkey Puts Dank Flavor in Thanksgiving

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Vegan LSD Infused Absinthe

Vegan LSD Infused Absinthe

Absinthe, the notorious and widely controversial drink, has always been my long time favorite drink since I first tried it at the age of 19 in Canada. My love affair began on a cold winter night, in another country, while surrounded with warm companions. I vividly remember watching the bar tender set up a vintage glass and spoon very delicately onto the wooden counter. The bar tender reached into a hidden spot and pulled out a beautifully crafted Swiss bottle. As he poured the absinthe, I could feel my insides churning with excitement and impatience. He gently placed a tiny cube of sugar onto the spoon and then looked at me with a soft smile. That smile, though I didn’t realize it at the time, alluded to the fact that once this spirit was consumed, I was about to drink myself down the path of a deep historical love affair. Writing and absinthe drinking.

I found myself in a kitchen in Buffalo, NY with a good friend discussing the potential in making our own Absinthe. Potentially dangerous? Very. We macerated a concoction of herbs and spices for a period of time. The wait was nerve wrecking! But finally I was summoned back to the house, and was given a talk. We were about to distill high proof alcohol in his home within a makeshift distiller he had made from scratch. Crazy? Perhaps. But who could resist? I was warned we could potentially blow up the kitchen, or worse, part of the house. But it was a risk I was willing to take. Luckily, we made it through the distillation process while experiencing the same feeling I am sure most eccentric inventors felt in the early 18th century. The distilled product then further went into a second maceration, where it sat until it was ready to be strained then consumed finally. It was one of the best culinary creations ever!

It wasn’t until this year, that I was possessed with the thought of Absinthe infused with cannabis. Why it took me this long to think of it? I am sure my mind has it’s reasons. I mulled over the thought of which strain to select for both optimal strain specific flavors and mind altering effects. And then finally it hit me, LSD. This strain has an extremely high concentration of THC, which makes the effects extremely cerebral and psychoactive. LSD, produces an intense psychedelic effect that is both euphoric and vivid on the mind. While it produces good pain relief on the body, the user will find themselves lost in colors, music, food, people, or anything they find stimulating. LSD offers a deep earthy and woodsy flavor with hints of musk and sweetness. In my opinion, this is one of the best strains to pair to Absinthe with not only for the medicinal qualities but the flavor profiles. The flavor profiles of LSD only deepen and amplify the taste of the wormwood, fennel, and anise. With each sip, you will be lulled into the Green Fairy’s realm and find the following effects: creativity, euphoria, pain relief, perspective, relief from nausea, relief from headaches, release of tension in the neck, lucidness, and deep introspection. One word of caution with people who are sensitive to cerebral highs: do not drink too much. This strains effects paired with Absinthe may produce anxiety or a false sense of being overwhelmed in whatever situation you find yourself in.

I am providing you with the cheapest, easiest, convenient, and simplest way to infuse cannabis into Absinthe. In this recipe you will learn to infuse already made Absinthe of your choice from a liquor store. In the future I will release my personal Absinthe recipe and it will explain how to incorporate cannabis while also making the Absinthe from scratch. But at this moment, that time is not now. Stay tuned….but in the meantime, enjoy this short story from featured writer Anais L’amour. Or perhaps, when your Absinthe is done infusing, drink a glass in a comforting corner of your house while enjoying this whimsical story. Follow the white rabbit…

The Rabbit and the Green Veil by Anais L’amour

It was a quarter to midnight and the sky was dark. The moon was struggling to be seen behind the clouds and there was a feeling of adventure in the air. This night was a long time coming for Lilith and
Amethyst. It was the much anticipated Lost Souls party. When they entered the church the once muted sound of music poured out and washed over them. The church was at full capacity and the breathtaking
architecture overwhelmed their senses.

“Let’s find Alric.” Lilith screamed over the music pushing her raven black bangs to the side of her face. They steadily made their way through the mass of dancing bodies and spotted Alric by the back of the church. A large seated VIP area was set up with velvet rope across the length of the white marble stairs.

“It’s officially midnight, the veil is the thinnest it’s ever been!” Alric declared as he motioned for them to sit beside him on the couch.“I have something special for you!” He placed a plain dark green bottle on the table between the two empty glasses.

“Oh I see, perforated spoon and everything!” Amethyst commented.
“Yes,” he grinned as he set up the Absinthe glasses and sugar cubes,“This will ensure tonight will be the best Samhain you’ve ever had.”
“Let the green fairy take you on an adventure.” Alric said as he handed them their drinks then made one for himself.

After some time Lilith found herself searching for Amethyst but everyone blurred together into a moving mass of colors. She tried scanning the crowd for Amethyst’s blonde locks as she struggled to focus her eyesight. She had lost any concept of time and found herself staring at the stained glass windows as they came alive. Suddenly pulled to go down the far hallway she wandered until she stopped in front of a door. Slowly pushing it open she gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Before her stood a large white albino rabbit, he had red eyes, a black top hat and a black bow tie. He must have been at least five feet tall, his white fur so wondrous she wanted to touch it. And a tenderness to his red eyes that made them become non threatening.

“Do not be afraid, I’m just a gentle creature. A gentle creature who means no harm.” The rabbit said.
“You TALK!” She shrieked.
“Yes, yes I do.” He replied.
She stepped back into the hall letting the door close. Running to the dance floor she found Amethyst and pulled her into the hall toward the door.

“Lilith, they must’ve turned on more lights or something. I couldn’t see all these colors before! I….”
“There’s a GIANT RABBIT in that room!” Lilith whispered pointing to the door.
“A giant rabbit?” Amethyst grinned in disbelief.
“Yes.” Lilith shook her head frantically and put her hand on the doorknob.
“OK, let’s see this giant rabbit.” Amethyst was visibly excited as she pushed the door open.
“You’ve brought a friend! Who are you?” The Rabbit asked.
“Amethyst.” She replied.
“Nice to meet you,” he raised his paw and they glanced at each other in awe, “and you are?”
“What a pleasure, I’m…” he stopped and started frantically licking his arm for a moment, “My apologies. I just can’t stand to be dirty!!! I’m Azazel. I’ve somehow entered this realm and am lost.”
“Azazel,” Lilith’s smile grew ear to ear, “nice to meet you!”
“Will you help me find a portal, it just has to be here somewhere! I must get back home.”
“Yes. We’ll help you. Which way did you come from?” Asked Lilith.

“I’ll show you, follow me.” Azazel stepped outside the room and to the girls amazement no one else noticed him. He lead them to the basement of the church. It was dark and Azazel seemed to pull three lanterns out of thin air, giving them one each.
“He’s so cute! I’ve always wanted a rabbit!”
“Lilith what are you going to do with a large rabbit?” They laughed and Azazel turned to them.
“We must keep concentration girls. The portal could be anywhere.”
They exchanged glances like scolded children and followed him down the hall.

“Where do you come from Azazel?” Amethyst asked.
“A realm of magic and lore. It is quite a lovely place.” He answered.
“Can we go???” Lilith asked excitedly.
“Oh no, humans are not allowed there.”
“Azazel, how will we recognize the portal?”
“It takes a sharp eye Amethyst. It will seem to float in space.” As they explored the basement further Amethyst paused and rose her lantern.

“Over here, I see something.” She motioned over to a room with an ajar door. Pushing it open she raised the lantern and in the corner by an old photograph of the church was the portal. It had a silver sheen to it as
it danced in the air.

“Oh thank the stars! I’m almost home!” Azazel turned to them and smiled, “Thank you for your help. I’ll be sure your good deed does not go unpaid.”
“Will we see you again?” Lilith asked quietly.
“My dear Lilith,” he touched her hand and held it a moment before taking a step back, “thank you for what you have done. Goodbye girls.”
He stepped into the portal and was gone. Amethyst walked over to where the portal was and waved her hands through the air.
“It’s really gone,” she said as she looked back at Lilith who seemed to be sad. Amethyst was about to speak again when she saw a dash of white by their feet, “Lilith find the light switch something is down here.”
Lilith turned on the switch and as the room lit up with light she shrieked.
At her feet was a white bunny with red eyes. She picked him up and he seemed to smile at her.

“Aww Azazel!” She smiled and held him tight. Alric walked into the room and looked at them puzzled.
“I was looking for you two for over an hour..where did you get that bunny?”
“You wouldn’t believe it, not even while drinking Absinthe.” Lilith replied.

Mise en place:

  • 7 grams of LSD strain of decarbed cannabis (buds, not trim or shake and definitely not the actual psychedelic!)
  • 1 bottle of Swiss or French Absinthe
  • 1 large dark tinted glass jar


  1. Grind decarbed cannabis buds (a coffee grinder works perfectly). Add the ground cannabis to a large dark tinted glass jar. If you want a heavier dose of cannabis, add 14 grams instead of 7, while taking care to finely grind it.
  2. Now pour the Absinthe of your choice over the ground cannabis. Gently stir the mixture making sure all the cannabis is fully saturated.
  3. Seal the jar and place into a cool dark cupboard. Let this mixture macerate (soak) for 30 days while gently shaking it every few days.
  4. Then remove and strain. Pour into a bottle of your choice and enjoy!

Recipe recreated in 2013 for: LadyBud Magazine.

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