Month: November 2010

Lemon Skunk-Infused Gyros

Lemon Skunk-Infused Gyros

There is nothing else quite like authentic Greek cuisine made at home. These Mediterranean flavors pair wonderfully with the pungent citrus and lemon flavors of Lemon Skunk. This dish is sure to delight anyone looking for an exotic yet fully comforting meal. Lemon Skunk Gyros…

Lightly Medicated CannaTurkey

Lightly Medicated CannaTurkey

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NYC Diesel-Infused Hummus Wraps

NYC Diesel-Infused Hummus Wraps

This sativa-infused hummus wrap is a perfect pick-me-up for the health-conscious cannabis lover looking for a light lunch with an extra cannabinoid kick.

Wraps are one of the most versatile quick meals one can make. There are a multitude of food items that you can stuff into the middle of a soft pillowy wrap and end up with a satisfied belly.

This round I decided to make a bistro version of a Greek vegetarian gyro, substituting hummus for the roasted meat. NYC Diesel pairs wonderfully with the complex flavors of Greek cuisine, adding a deep and pleasantly earthy citrus flavor with hints of sweetness.

This sandwich is perfect for any health fanatic or just someone on the go in need of a fast, nutrient dense meal with some sativa zing.

Mise en place:

1/4 cup fresh spinach
• 1/4 cup hummus
• 1/4 cup sliced cucumber
• 1/4 cup crumbled feta cheese
• 1/4 cup Greek olives pitted and sliced
• 1 tablespoon Greek olive brine
• 1 tablespoon minced garlic
• 1 thick slice of sweet white onion
• 2 thick slices of beef steak tomato
• 1 tablespoon of NYC Diesel infused olive oil
• Cumin, pepper and sea salt to taste
• 1 wrap of your choice
• Ttzatziki sauce to taste


Step 1: In a bowl add the cucumber, feta cheese, Greek olives, Greek olive brine, and minced garlic. Gently mix together then season with cumin, pepper and sea salt to taste.

Step 2: Mix the cannabis infused oil and hummus together. Spread into the center of your wrap.

Step 3: Layer the sliced onion and tomatoes on top of the hummus, followed by the vegetable mixture and spinach.

Step 4: Drizzle with some tzatziki sauce and fold the bread into a hand held wrap.

Step 5: Enjoy the flavor melody of Greek cuisine and a satisfied belly.


If the strain of NYC Diesel you choose has a THC content around 20 percent, then 20 percent of 1,000 mg would be 200 mg per gram. Substitute the your strain’s THC percentage and do the math to figure out your desired dosage per tablespoon for your cannabis oil. Adjust the dosage according to your personal preferences.

Strain Substitution:

I would recommend any strain whose terpenes match the flavor profiles of NYC Diesel: Any strains of the diesel lineage would be ideal strains to choose from. Be creative, follow your nose/taste buds, and have fun with it!

Published in 2010. Adapted for: Cannabis Now Magazine

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